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Largent Health

 Largent Health, LLC holds an exclusive option to FiteBac® technology for all applications in healthcare and cosmetics.  


FiteBac® the marriage of antimicrobial technology and material science, allows for the manufacture of modern materials with sustained antimicrobial protection.

Largent Health has targeted dental and skincare applications for the initial introduction of FiteBac® based products.

Mission Statement

Largent Health is dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of innovative healthcare products incorporating FiteBac® technology, a superior approach to antimicrobial protection.

FiteBac SkinCare

Skincare – FiteBac® technology allows for the formulation of skincare products which are intended to keep the active material on the surface of the skin while also providing a hydrophobic barrier to help block water, dirt and other contaminants.

FiteBac Dental

Dental – the incorporation of FiteBac® into materials utilized during dental procedures results in materials which exhibit permanent, non-leachable antimicrobial protection.

Largent Health also continues to look at additional applications for FiteBac technology in other areas including woundcare, antimicrobial catheters and implants.